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Nashville Handshake hippieradio945.com

this song was submitted to the Nashville Handshake radio show. This week it was selected. The song will air twice a day beginning on July 6th and runs through Sunday July 12th.

It will run at the following times.

Monday——————-7:40A & 8:30P

Tuesday—————–12:04P & 11:30P

Wednesday————–6:08A & 6:04P

Thursday—————–9:04A & 9:30P

Friday———————5:30A & 3:30P

Saturday—————11:04A & 7:30P

Sunday——————-8:04A & 4:04P

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“billy falcon is not only one of my favorite guys but he was, and is still one of my favorite songwriters. I dare you NOT to be moved by his lyrics. we have collaborated many times not only for my records but we have written songs for other artists who have found that special something in the song. Find Billy Falcon’s new album “WHEN” . you can thank me later…”
Jon Bon Jovi


Got a question for Billy? Email him at billyfalcon@billyfalcon.com, or join the mailing list!