Fan Feedback on the New Record WHEN

what can I say about the CD that has not been said, .. a real challenge… :-)
Well, listening to music is one thing I really need to do – never been a day without. And nearly each day in different moods I need different music. And in very rare cases it happens that words remain in my head so present – and Billy´s songs really made it :-)
the poet at my side, sometimes I think back “when you were mine” and “when we were beautiful” and remember times when I “fed the car and washed the fish”……
And as I am trying to write another lyric for my sister – these songs help me let loose the troubles of the day and get the words together – step by step.
So Billy: Thanks and keep on writing such wonderful music!
Oh and BTW: tell Jon, I will thank him later (lol).

Wish you all a great day, week, year.
An big Hello from Germany
Agnes Baldauf

love the cd!!! I love that it feels like you are sitting there singing directly to me, the emotion comes through so much! I have not enjoyed a complete cd as much as this one since in a long time. very strong selection! “Sunday Comes’ brings a smile to my face and that is something that doesn’t happen often. Thanks!!!!  Gina Hawkey

Billy’s music tastes good with red wine – high recommended. It’s worth to struggle whole to day just to spend the evening with these songs. Marek Szczepanik

I was cruising with all these songs playing ..with the moon and stars shining…it brought me back to When Life was Beautiful……I really enjoyed all the songs especially The Boat ..the back ground vocals are beautiful : )thank you and may God bless this work and may it be enjoyed all over the world……Carlos Aparicio

Where did this album come from?!? WOW. I can’t certainly top JBJ’s endorsement, but I have to say I love this album. I have been following you since Burning Rose when George and I found you playing in East Orange NJ.    Michael Calluori

The poet is at work…awesome lyrics Billy! you are the master. Love, love, love this album!  =) Tonje Krauss

I received the new CD yesterday and have pretty much listened to it non-stop. I LOVE it! “When” and “The Boat” had me crying in the car going to pick up my daughter from school. Just beautiful, beautiful songs. “When You Were Mine” is gorgeous. “God’s For Me” makes me turn it up loud :) Ok enough gushing about each song individually. The whole CD is fantastic. Thank you Billy for sharing your gift with all of us. I think you are “A Rare And Beautiful Thing” Colleen Day

Billy, I love your record. The Boat and When slay me. On the first listening, I repeated The Boat at least ten times before I finally allowed myself to go on to the next song. Congratulations on a great piece of work! Alison Prestwood

The CD is great. I love it. And not only the songs are great, but I definitily like the arrangements and production as well. I don’t know how close you work with Billy, but if you see or hear him at some time, please tell him that I am impressed. As a 25 year old student of popular music and guitar player myself: I would love to have written a lot of that stuff too. And I know some people who will be as thrilled as I am when I will finally present and play them Billy’s music. Bastian Müller

Another Great Album
If you have never listened to Billy Falcon, do yourself a favor and check out his music. His latest album, When, is another great example of what makes Billy so special – heart felt lyrics delivered with emotion and feeling. The new album is fantastic with a nice mix of upbeat and slower songs. I love so many of his older songs – Power Windows, Heaven’s Highest Hill, Wonder Years, Drinks and Jewelry, Coffee, etc. These new songs do not disappoint. I have seen him twice in concert and he not only put on a great show, but was personable as well
. Jerald Holtgren

I finally found it!!!!!!!!
saki111 For the past few years I’ve been searching and searching for the next new singer that actually brings true talent in sound, lyrics, roots and soul into their music. Today everything is so damn manufactured. This guy BF is the one! He is the next new thing to come. I claim him the chosen one. Please America open your ears and minds and lets get this guy on our sound waves. America needs a guy like this for us to get back to who we truly are. BF bring it. Going to check out ur older stuff now to. Thanks for making me believe that there is hope in music again

When We Were Beautiful…by FanOf Falcon If you love music that is real, from the heart, lyrically strong and timeless, than this is the record for you. Billy Falcon is music’s best kept secret and there are very few writers that could put together a collection of songs as strong as this. From the opening track, Flying to the reprise that closes the album, you will not find one track that would cause you to change the channel, if you were fortunate enough to hear it on your radio. Highlights? Fall to Me, When, Sunday Comes, Boggy key, When You Were Mine, the WHOLE DAMN Record….AWESOME!

Wonderful words from Jon and I have to admit I found Billy through these words. Love the new CD and will now look for other CDs from him. Love his version from When we were beautiful! So emotional. It’s my favourite Bon Jovi song from the Circle, too! Renate Skielka

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