Billy’s Letter From Aunt Virginia

Sitting down to write this I kind of feel like that annoying aunt that, somewhere along the way got the idea that you had a desire to know the goings on in her life, in all of its dreadfully boring glory; how little Timmy was doing in school…of cause Timmy was always winning some f?$%&% trophy and at the very top of his class, as was his rotten little sister Meg.
Well here I go …

Dear Family,
The last couple of months have been pretty fucken cool. As you must know by now, the record I’ve been working on for the past couple of years, “When”, is now up and out available here at the site digitally, or on ITunes and physically, which means you order the CD online. My pal and accomplice, the Amazing Marty takes this antique circular disc, puts it in an envelope and drives it to this place called the Post Office, where he then has to wait in line and watch, while the jackass behind the counter makes quick, silent, unfriendly work of any male customer and then brightens up and flirts endlessly with every female unlucky enough to end up at his section of the counter. Marty however, is not fazed by this. He will allow nothing to keep him from getting your record to you. Thanks Marty!

I’m thinking of doing a vinyl pressing of the record. If anyone is interested in this, let me know, ok……

Writing this record was truly an amazing experience. That’s what the first track on the record “Flying” is about. I could try to explain and describe what I mean but I can’t say it any better than I did in the song. Let me just say that I believe God gives us gifts and if we ever get quiet enough to listen, to receive, He always speaks to our gifts. While writing and recording this record I felt that I was connected and listening. I think you can hear that in the finished product…..
Last month I found a crack pipe in little Timmy’s underwear drawer…boy, that was a scare, but not to worry, Timmy assured me it wasn’t his.

Back in the middle of January, I was talking to my pal Jon. First he told me how much he like my new CD, and he was kind enough to talk it up on his Website and Facebook. As if that wasn’t enough, he then invited me to open up some shows for Bon Jovi. To say I’m thankful is an understatement. So in mid – February, me and my pals from the Sowing Circle opened up the evening at the RBC Center in Raleigh, N.C.
THE SOWING CIRCLE is an event we do every Thursday night here in Nashville. For the shows opening for Bon Jovi, the Sowing Circle {Rose Falcon, Brad Nelson, Trinity James, Caleb Owens, Peter Nova, Phil Roselle, Joel Breen, Louis Winfield, Jon Yudkin, Teresa Weakley, and Kyle Dugger} are my band. So when Jon asked me to do these shows, I asked him if he cared how many people were in my band. He laughed and said “bring them all”, so that’s what I did. The Sowing Circle doesn’t usually rehearse, but for this we did. That night in Raleigh, I swear when we walked out on that stage, looking around and seeing my Rosey to my right, and the rest of my beautiful crew on all sides, I felt like I was home. The arena felt small. Of course I’ll be writing again soon…

love and kisses,
Aunt Virginia

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