Billy’s Blog (April 28)

Hey guys, hope this note finds you all well …been having fun communicating with a lot of you here at the site and on facebook…thank you all for listening to the music and letting me know how you feel about it. Being in the music biz is a really odd thing these days as the traditional means of getting music to people for artists like myself are, at best, broken …that is why I so appreciate being able to communicate with you guys.
The computer, via the internet, has killed the business as we knew it…
that’s ok, it got way too greedy and probably needed killin’. It’s kinda funny that
now we record, promote, market and attempt to sell our music on these very same plastic boxes wired to the sky that are the genesis of the music businesses woes.
Seems like the solution may lie in the problem, even though no one has quite figured out yet how a business can prosper when what you’re attempting to sell is sometimes just as easily acquired for free with the click of a mouse. I’m not worried though; God knows how much the world needs music. It was and remains an important part of His creation.
I have a feeling He will see to it that the music never dies. I am truly thankful to all of you who have supported me and purchased my music…it enables me to keep doing what I’m doing…

just got back from doing a show in Memphis. We had a great night…thanks to all of you who were there. We played a place called Minglewood hall and they took great care of us. Though it was a pared down version of our usual Thursday night Sowing Circle,
it was pretty cool… myself, Memphis’s own Brad Nelson, Caleb Owens, Trinity James, Peter Nova, Boyd Lefan, John Tommey , with JJ Johnson on sound and Tee Faircloth as his own skeleton crew…planning these one off travel shows is never easy… just getting everybody scheduled for the trip is a minor miracle, so when you have some last minute cancellations, you can either cancel the show or make it work with what you’ve got…that’s one of the things I love about the Sowing Circle, we’ve gotten really good at making it work with what we’ve got…“thanks boys.”

got some great news last week… I was speaking with Jon and he invited me to open up his Memphis show at the Fedex Forum on May 19…myself, along with the whole Sowing Circle crew… Rose Falcon, Brad Nelson, Trinity James, Caleb Owens, Boyd Lefan, Peter Nova, Phil Roselle, Jon Yudkin, Stephanie Taylor, and Louis Winfield…
we will be taking the stage at 7 pm.
Later the same evening, immediately following Bon Jovi’s performance,
the audience is invited to join us at the New Daisy Theatre for the Official Bon Jovi after party where Billy Falcon’s Sowing Circle will be performing an extended set.
I promise it will be a blast. The New Daisy is located just a block away from the Fedex,
@ 330 Beale Street, Memphis, TN. The coolest part of doing these after parties is getting to meet and hangout a little with the audience… and you never know who’s gonna show up…..thanks for coming around…stay in touch…faith hope love, billy

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