Have Billy Over for a House Concert

Given the state of the record business, which is kind of sad, I
believe house concerts are going be the best way I can get the music to people.
For anyone that doesn’t know what a house concert is,
its really just a fan sponsored show. It can be held anywhere you can fit
fifty people or more. I’ve done them in living rooms, foyers, bars ,coffee shops,
rec rooms, clubhouses, backyards, beaches, boats, theaters, American
legion, VFW’s, the moon…
People (fans, believers,) have a party, kind of like a Tupperware party
where they either invite or sell tickets to their friends and/or
neighbors. They can also open up to the public. It’s pretty simple, I
just come and do what I do.

Anyone interested can contact us at the site, billyfalcon@billyfalcon.com
or just call/ e-mail  Marty (516-606-0078) btimmi1@optonline.net
and he can fill you in on the Booking Fees.

Thanks to all!

Faith, hope and love,

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